January 28, 2010

Weekend storm cripples the area

Weekend storm cripples the area

This past weekend’s storm was more bark than bite – at least early on. But never wake a sleeping dog.
Friday brought wind and snow, and in some areas, rain, which then froze on power lines as temperatures dropped. Saturday was milder, almost like the eye of the storm in some parts of the county, as crews were able to get out and blade roads and streets. Other areas received mist, which would in time create numerous power outages. Temps reached the lower 30’s and winds were relatively calm. It was a false sense of security as Sunday’s turnaround came with a vengeance. Northwest winds began to pick up and temperatures started to drop as snow began falling sporadically again.
With winds topping 40 mph Monday, whiteout conditions prevailed, marked by more precipitation, freezing temperatures and high winds. The adverse conditions forced authorities to declare a no travel advisory. Some schools in the county were closed, while others began one hour late.
Prior to the storm, forecasters were predicting up to a foot of snow in central North Dakota. Officially in Garrison a total of seven inches fell. According to official weather observers Herb and Sharon Schwarz, two inches were recorded Jan. 21, four inches this past Saturday and an inch Tuesday.

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