July 6, 2016

Well is it time?


Is it time for the Garrison School District to invest in a well to draw water that would irrigate the football field, and possibly the adjacent Little League and Legion baseball fields?

School officials are mulling that option following last week’s board meeting.

"I think it’s something worth exploring to see what the costs would be," said Superintendent Nick Klemisch.

School officials toyed with the idea a few years ago but opted to pass citing cost concerns and logistics.

"At that time, we could have probably made it work, and we had everything set up for it to go – enough to water the football field, but the board put a hold on it at that time."

Klemisch went on to say; "As it stands now, since that time we could have probably paid for that well 4-5 times over for the amount we paid just to water grass."

Last July and August, the school spent about $5,000 a month to the city. Multiply that over a number of years ….

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