December 11, 2013

Which way to turn?

Vision West members meet with state official

Guidance from the state’s Economic Development and Finance Division director this past week could go a long way in giving the ad hoc Vision West Committee direction as it plots its future in the county.
Pam Link, county commissioner and member of the committee, shared with fellow commissioners at their meeting this past week what took place at the recent Vision West meeting. Initially, a county economic development director was to be announced. Instead, the committee decided to step back, establish  new priorities and lay the groundwork for what it thinks are more immediate needs.
Link said the group would like to clarify what it’s looking for and potentially advertise the position again. “We felt we got the cart before the horse and did not want to push someone into this position,” she told the commission.
This past Friday, Tyler Demars, Underwood’s economic developer and ad hoc committee chair, and Link, met with Paul Lucy, the state’s Economic Development and Finance Division director. The two  asked Lucy for funding ideas, what priorities would be for a county-wide position and what programs could be available that the county Vision West group could tap. Link said the two came away with a good feeling.

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