March 4, 2020

White Shield moves to four-day school week

Once approved by the state, White Shield school will move to a four-day week in August.
After a survey of parents, trips to other four-day schools, a school board unanimous vote and a community meeting, Superintendent Wayne Johnson filed the request of the state Feb. 27. The deadline to file with the state this week.
White Shield will join 12 other schools in the state who are on a four-day work week. In South Dakota, 34 schools – or 23 percent of the districts – are on a four-school week. In Montana, there are 62 school districts on the four day school week, or 13 percent.
Six school districts were on the four-day week before this school year: three in McKenzie County – East Fairview, Horse Creek and Alexander; Invitation Hill Adventist School in Stark County and Dunseith Public Schools and Turtle Mountain Community High School in Rolette County. This year, six more tried it for the full year or joined partway through this school year: Marmath, Billings, Halliday, ,Marmot, Wing and Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock.
Fox said, “White Shield has gone to great lengths to change.” He said test scores are up and instructional methods continue to focus on how to provide students a good education.
After a team of administrators visited Alexander, Dunseith and Belcourt, they learned that it was worth taking a look at.

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