March 1, 2017

Who’s behind the wheel?

Lack of drivers ed instructors causes concern
Who will be behind the wheel when it comes time for Garrison and Max students to learn driver’s ed this summer?
If things don’t change, the answer will be no one.
Both districts are looking for someone to teach the class. So far, there’s been no luck, and classes begin once school is over.
Max Superintendent Pat Windish told board members he received a phone call from their drivers ed. instructor, Jason Schwartz, Minot, that he is no longer interested in serving Max. Schwartz is also Garrison’s drivers education instructor.
Windish said Schwartz took a job at Nedrose School.
“He thought that was a little easier,” Windish said. “So as we sit here today we have no drivers ed teacher.”
Windish said options are to advertise or simply not offer the class. Drivers education is a course a school is not required to provide.

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