October 21, 2015

Why is Johnny getting bad grades?

Garrison school officials know


The numbers are staggering.

Of 179 students in grades 7-12, 40 have failing grades in at least one subject. That’s 33 percent.

For board members and administration at Garrison School, that’s simply not acceptable. As to the reasons why, it boils down to student apathy. School officials are left shaking their head.

"It’s stuff they can control," said board member Lisa Maki.

It’s not just at the high school level. It’s the elementary as well. Principal Shelly Fuller told the board 5th and 6th grade eligibility is a problem, just not to the extent of the high school.

"It’s a huge red flag to me," she said.

Fuller said she’s reviewed data, it’s not one teacher, it’s not one particular class. It shows the system is not failing.

"It’s a kid problem," she said. "It’s not our system. It’s the students not completing and turning in their homework."

With the end of the first quarter, Fuller said parents have been notified of their students’ performance.

Superintendent Nick Klemisch said it’s the same at the high school. Many students are choosing to not complete homework, even though assessments show the majority have the ability to complete the work.

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