July 3, 2018

Wild wind, rains rip through area

June rain level high
Following the final big storm of June, Garrison and the surrounding area were littered with debris with the Roseglen area seeing field flooding.
Last week brought two big storms.
Tuesday night, 1.35 inches of hard rain fell in Garrison. Intersections were full of rushing water and branches littered the streets.
Thursday night brought another, more violent storm with 2.3 inches in Garrison, with the surround area reporting much more.
Roseglen had a reported 6 inches of rainfall, doing damage to several fields.
Friday night about a quarter of an inch of rain fell to end June, bringing the monthly total rainfall to almost 8 inches for Garrison, the second highest record since 1999. Average June precipitation is 3.12 inches. Last year Garrison received less than an inch of rain in June.
Since 1999, the only year with more rainfall was 2005 with 11.25 inches.
Randy Wagner, the official weather observer for Max, said the town received about 2.5 inches with small hail on Thursday night.

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