December 29, 2015

Woman crafts delicious looking candles


Marilee Beavers has a knack for confusing your brain with her mouthwatering candles. Composed entirely of wax, her pie candles look like real baked goods.

Living north of Max with her husband, four dogs and more than 30 horses and working at the Minot Air Force Base during the night, she somehow finds time to keep her business, Berry Fine Candle and Craft Designs, thriving.

Beavers started making her Berry Fine candles in 2007 when she was in Louisiana during hurricane Katrina, working for FEMA.

"I really enjoy candles but they are not so decorative," she said. "In mine, the fragrance is great, even when not lit, and they look decorative."

Not lit, these candles expel fragrance for up to six years.

Everything in Berry Fine Candles is handmade. Beavers found a company that carries mold making supplies and with help from her mom, Carla Beavers, makes her own molds for the various fruit.

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