May 23, 2018

Working the dry dirt

Area farmers continue spring’s work, need rain
Area farmers are busy kicking up dust.
Due to winter dragging out, spring’s work got a late start. According to two area farmers, the lack of rain is slowing things down even more.
Brian Rustad of rural Garrison said the dry, windy weather is affecting his productivity.
“The dryness has slowed us down as we have to pick and choose what to plant and when,” he said. “These couple of light rains we have had haven’t helped much. We need a good, soaking rain.”
As of now, Rustad said is pessimistic, hoping for a change in the weather.
“We are going to need moisture, that’s all there is to it,” he said. “It is way too dry to have any kind of decent yield this year.”
Dennis Krueger of rural Max said although he is making good progress in his spring planting, moisture is essential for the success for his crops.

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