April 28, 2011

Wouldn’t it be n’ice’

Wouldn’t it be n’ice’
Indoor rink plans, location discussed


Consensus is that the indoor ice skating rink should be rebuilt. The question is – where?
Those who attended Monday’s Garrison Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee meeting think locating the rink just north of the swimming pool should be given serious consideration.
The reason – close proximity to the school and other recreation facilities. And the feeling is that when rebuilt, the facility should be multifunctional.
At a meeting April 19 among Garrison Mayor Shannon Jeffers and members of the Garrison Park Board and Better Living for Garrison, creating a multifunctional building rather than just an indoor rink was considered the best idea. But while other locations were considered, it was agreed that the present location, on the south side of Wilderness Park, is suitable.
Attending the Governmental Affairs committee meeting Monday were Park Board Chairman Paul Garcia and board member Paul Schlichting. The two, along with Governmental Affairs committee members, stressed that moving the indoor rink to near the pool is just an idea at this time. Even though it might make for tight quarters for the ball field, Garcia and Schlichting said they are adamant that the baseball diamond must stay.

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