January 31, 2018

A game with an impact

Student reporter
The Garrison Troopers battled the Max Cossacks, on the Cossacks home court, but unlike most games this one was more important than just who won the game.
During the game a fundraiser took place for Vlorian Faul, a Max first grade teacher battling cancer, in total $10,612.16 was raised for Faul.
Max was able to make a game out of the fundraising to see if Garrison or Max could raise more. Max won the completion which meant the losers, Garrison, sent the administration into the “jail” for the second half of the boys’ game. Superintendent, Nick Klemisch, and Principal, Steve Dangel, were handcuffed and escorted into the “jail” provided by the school.
Other than fundraising, the Troopers took on the Cossacks in a double-header match.
The Lady Troopers and Cossacks took the floor first. The Troopers were able to gallop to a win, defeating the Cossacks, 63-31.

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