April 19, 2017

Batter up

Baseball program ready to go full swing
Signs of spring are here, meaning it’s time to register children for summer recreation programs with the Garrison Parks and Recreation Department.
Previously, there was some concern from parents who wanted their kids in baseball, but also needed some swimming lessons, the department may have a solution.
At Wednesday’s meeting, the department, in conjunction with coach Gary Erickson figured a third session of swimming lessons would be beneficial for baseball players who also wanted to take swimming lessons.
“That’s been the biggest concern,” member Heidi Smith said. “Kids want to be in swimming lessons but would miss two weeks of baseball so parents aren’t wanting to sign them up.”
Baseball players would be put in the third session of swimming lessons, resolving all conflict of the two activities.
“Start the 3rd session the 24th of July and go through the 4th of August,” maintenance supervisor Sandy Crawford said. “It will give baseball parents the option.

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