August 1, 2018

Batters swing in Garrison

Garrison hosts baseball sectionals
The crack of the ball hitting the bat could be heard steady on the Titans’ diamond during the recent sectional tournament.
Baseball teams from as close as Makoti to as far as Hettinger came to play ball late last week, and that is exactly what happened.
One of the most intense games of the three-day tournament was when the Titans took on number one ranked Velva. The hearts of the Titans, and their fans, very well may have skipped a beat when Jaaron Kamp hit his grand slam.
Even with the grand slam, the Titans were not able to rein in the number one team, losing by only one point.
From a business standpoint, Garrison being able to host the tournament gave the local economy an additional boost that it doesn’t usually get to see at this time of the year.

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