April 30, 2009

Club considers golf simulator

Club considers golf simulator
An ad hoc committee has received the go-ahead to look into the feasibility of expanding the Garrison Golf Course clubhouse and to install a state-of-the-art golf simulator.
At the club’s annual meeting Sunday, a majority of those in attendance said the idea was worth researching further. Committee members reasoned nothing ventured, nothing gained. Proponents of the venture said adding such a feature would be a draw, not only for the club, but the community as well.
Dick Trondson, outgoing board of directors president, told those in attendance the committee foresees the establishment of golf leagues that could compete using the simulator during the winter months, thus, utilizing the clubhouse year-around.
Committee members also think such a piece of equipment would be used throughout the year, enabling golfers the opportunity to stay in shape. Backers reason that fees charged at the Garrison course are below what some other courses are charging.
“This is one option to hopefully keep the fees in line,” a spokesperson said. Another positive, the group heard, was that it cost the club about $300 each month for utilities throughout the winter.

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