April 4, 2018

Competition of the brightest

A race not of sports, but of smarts. The Garrison Acolympic team competed in March at an academic competition with six Garrison High School students. These students were picked based on their grades and all around academic activity.
The team of students traveled to Nedrose on March 19 and took second out of the large school category. There is a large and small school category depending on the size of the high school, teams from each school are categorized in either the small or large school division. The schools, 16 in all, were all from around the region.
The competition starts with a round of 30 questions; in order to move on to finals each team needs to try and score the best out of 30 questions. The questions are English, history, science, math, elective and current event based. The top three schools from each small and large division move onto finals.

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