October 18, 2012

Defense dominate Troopers

Defense dominate Troopers
Junior High drops season finale
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Gary Erickson

The Trooper Junior High football team traveled to Velva Thursday for the last game of the season. Anyone who follows high school football knows the Aggies have a high quality program and have been perennial championship contenders for years. Those teams don’t just happen to become good when they reach the varsity level. The program development starts with the younger teams so this game had the potential to be a good match up test for the Troopers.
The game started slowly as both teams went three and out on their first possessions. The Trooper’s second possession started on their 49 and featured a 26-yard pass to Calvin Tomlinson, moving the ball to the Aggies 23. After three incomplete passes, the Troopers faced a fourth down but they converted on a pass to the four. On second down, quarterback Noah Sloka ran it in for the touchdown. The PAT failed but the Troopers had a 6-0 lead.
If you were a fan who enjoyed defensive football, this was your kind of game as the defenses dominated play, neither team generating much offensively. The Troopers had another shot at a score late in the second quarter when a sack by Colin O’Grady was followed by a Tomlinson interception at the Aggie 49. But two penalties and a fumble stopped the drive and the half ended with a 6-0 score.

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