October 14, 2010

Elementary cross country concludes

Elementary cross country concludes

The elementary cross-country season wrapped up Monday night in Minot. Racers faced windy and cool conditions. Twenty-four runners came to Oak Park for the end of the series race. Katherin White put forth a tremendous effort and finished first out of all the 1st-3rd grade girls. Several other Garrison runners finished it the top 20 of all the racers in their groups.
Six preschool/kindergarten racers ran the 1,000-meter race. Runners and their times were: Karli Klein 0:05:26; Trevor Wolken 0:06:15; Avery Klein 0:07:06; Jamison Rime 0:07:07; Kadin Kolden 0:08:32; and Kaitlyn Zook time not known.
Six 1st-3rd grade girls completed their 1,200-meter race. Runners and their times were: Katherin White 0:05:17; Kaitlyn Klein 0:05:58; Sarah Lagge 0:06:17; Paige Lagge 0:07: 16; MacKenzie Holt 0:07:31 and Syndey Porter 0:12:04. Holt and Porter are 2nd graders; Klein, White and both Lagges are all 3rd graders.

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