September 24, 2014

Elementary runners compete in first meet


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On Sept. 11, nine racers from Bob Callies Elementary School competed in the first of three local races at Fort Stevenson State Park. Avery Klein and Kadin Kolden, both 3rd graders, completed the 0.75 race on the Trooper Challenge trail. Klein finished in 0:06:24 and Kolden finished in 0:06:30.

Four girls from 4th grade completed the one-mile race around the Whitetail trail. Karli Klein finished in 0:08:22; Mia Gehring finished in 0:10:49, Kirsten Galloway finished in 0:12:54; and Daisy Holt finished in 0:13:42.

Two 5th graders and one 6th grader completed the one-mile run on the Whitetail trail. Coy Sayler finished the course in 0:08:59; Gavin Jonckowski finished in 0:09:11; and Chase Baer finished in 0:13:16.

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