October 15, 2009

Elementary runners take on Oak Park

Elementary runners take on Oak Park
On Monday, Oct. 12, seventeen runners from Bob Callies Elementary School participated in cross country races at Oak Park in Minot. Conditions were cool and blustery, but runners did well. Many runners are starting to show real improvement in abilities and times.
Two runners completed the preschool/kindergarten 1,000-meter run. Alison Betz finished in a time of 6:14 and Tyler Syvertson in 7:41.
Six competitors completed the girls’ 1st –3rd grade 1,200-meter run. Runner’s times were: Katherine White 6:00; Paige Lagge 8:09; Summers Foss 8:34; Autumn Lockwood 11:23; MacKenzie Holt 10:32; and Sarah Lockwood10:22. Lagge and both Lockwoods are in 2nd grade, Holt is in 1st grade, Steele and Foss are in 3rd grade.
Four boys competed in the boys’ 1st –3rd grade 1,200-meter run. Times for the boys were: Tyler Zook 6:25; Hunter Baer 6:50; Jacob Hodges 8:24 and Chase Baer 8:49. Zook and Chase Baer are in 1st grade, Hodges is in 2nd grade and Hunter Baer is in 3rd grade.
Three girls competed in the girls 4th-6th grade 1,600-meter run. Becca Syvertson finished in 7:54; Kaitlyn Holmes in 10:14 and newcomer Lexi Holmes in 12:14. Syvertson is a 6th grader, Lexie Holmes is a 4th grader and Kaitlyn Holmes is a 5th grader.
Two boys competed in the boys’ 4th-6th grade 1,600-meter run. Cain Foss finished in 7:46 and Troy Betz in 7:46. Betz and Foss are 4th graders.

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