October 11, 2012

Elementary runners’ season nears finish

Elementary runners’ season nears finish
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Kathy Baer

Last Thursday evening, runners from Garrison and White Shield met at Fort Stevenson State Park for a little friendly competition. Thirty-six runners took part in two races on the trails under cloudy skies. 
Nineteen runners took part in the  pre-school-3rd grade run in the 0.79-mile race on the Trooper Challenge Loop. Runners and their times were: Vase Dickens, 5:54; Sweet Cedar Perkins, 6:17; Jakob Bendawald, 6:35; William Wilkinson, 6:38; Presley Wilkinson, 6:39; Karli Klein, 7:02; Brandon Brummelle, 7:19, Latoya Clark, 7:30; Aiyanna Vivier, 7:36; Avery Klein, 7:37; Jamison Rime, 7:57; Morgan Souza, 8:01; Spud Clark, 8:40; Kadin Kolden,8:41; Charlotte Young Bird, 9:19; Zane Clark, 10:35; Isabelle Rime, 10:37; Delno Delancy, 10:44; and Claudia Young Bird, 10:48.
Seventeen runners took part in the 4th-6th grade run on the 1.07-mile race on the Whitetail Loop.  Runners and their times were: Jesse White, 6:54; Frederick Fox, 7:04; Jonas Dickens, 7:07; Serene Wilkinson, 7:59; Andrea Wilkinson, 8:01; Rhieannen Everett, 8:05; Hunter Baer, 8:53; Dashaun Woldemichael, 8:55; Kolin Westman, 8:58; Kasey Kolden, 9:56; Red Eagle Woman Perkins, 10:29; Johnathan Souza, 10:50; Olivia Bird, 11:36; Cooper Kinden, 11:40; Chase Baer, 12:16; Isley Price, 13:01; and Micah McGill, 13:36. 
The Thursday night race marked the end of the local races sponsored by Hedi Rime and Nathan Turck.  Nine runners, I. Rime, A. Klein, J. Rime, K. Klein, M. Souza, Bendawald, C. Baer, J. Souza, and H. Baer, completed all three races and will receive a medal to mark their efforts. Medals will be presented at the next school assembly.

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