March 24, 2011

Eyes on winter fishing at the Tailrace

By Robyn Rohde
BHG News Service

The Tailrace below Garrison Dam has been a cure for “fishing fever” all winter long. More recently, the waters of the Tailrace have proven a medicine for open water fishermen stricken with a severe case of “spring fever.”
“It’s a fun way to fish during the winter,” Nick Kosenda said. “We come down here quite a bit.”
The Minot resident and his two buddies Lance Warner and his dad Herb Warner were one of many boats out on the open water last Friday. Nearly 45 trucks with boat trailers lined the east boat ramp that day.
The threesome were pitching jigs with minnows on them and were able to reel in seven good-sized walleye for their efforts. An angler can never be certain what he or she may catch at the Tailrace. Walleyes and sauger are usually targeted but big brown and rainbow trout, burbot, paddlefish, sturgeon, whitefish, smallmouth bass and northern pike are among the fish lurking in Tailrace waters.
With the sun shining and temperatures in the low 40s, Friday was a great time to be on the water. In those kinds of days the worries that winter fishermen face are lower. The biggest challenge to tailrace fishing in the winter is simply making sure that the equipment is in working order and the lines don’t freeze.

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