May 14, 2014

Forecast: Good fishing ahead



Anglers choosing to fish Lake Sakakawea this summer should have full live wells.

Gregg Power with the State Game and Fish Department gave a snapshot of what’s happening with the lake at the recent annual meeting of the Friends of Lake Sakakawea.

He said when it comes to fishing the future looks bright. Power said the largest threats to fishing include water levels, hatchery funding issues, and invasive aquatic nuisance species and, in some select areas, double-crested cormorants.

"All things considered, we are in exceptional shape," Power said.

Power also said Lake Sakakawea is the No. 1 fishery in the state in terms of effort. The crown jewel for anglers is the walleye. Power said abundance is good as well as size structure. "As long as we have water and smelt, we’ll be good." he said.

Power predicts trophy pike will be caught on Lake Sakakawea this year and for years to come.

Smelt populations are doing well. Not as well as in 2000, but much better than the recent drought years.

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