September 30, 2020

Garrison Sportsmen are looking for a new home


Garrison Sportsmen’s Club was taken by surprise with the news they have to vacate their current location before Dec. 31. Club President Mike Youngs received noticed of this early last week.
The new owner of the land, DeeAnn Lowry, has decided on building a home on the property and has asked the club to relocate.
The club’s range is currently 10 miles west of Garrison near the old coal mine spoils.
The lease states that their needs to be a 30-day notice by either party to terminate the rental agreement, but the new owners are giving the club until the end of the year.
“With that, we need to start looking about and thinking about a new location. We have leased this property for many years,” Youngs said. “Now begins the fun task of finding somewhere new.”
The club was concerned about being able to provide a shooting area for the junior high and high school trap team for the upcoming seasons.
“It’s important for the kids... that been growing year after year,” member Mark Torno said. “That’s probably one of the top priorities is to make sure they have opportunities. We have a lot of kids in that.”
Garrison Trap Coach MaLynda Kramber asked if it would be possible to have two locations, one for trap and one for long-range, but Youngs believed that would be cost-prohibitive. Infrastructure alone could cost several thousand dollars, Youngs said.

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