July 3, 2013

Governor’s Walleye Cup is full

Governor’s Walleye Cup is full

The North Dakota Governor’s Walleye Cup Tournament field runneth over.
For the first time in eight years the tournament will boast a full 252 teams. The final entries arrived  Wednesday, June 26. The entry for the tournament normally closes June 30.
What is it about this year that’s different from years past? Tournament officials said they are hard-pressed as to why, saying it could be that fish have been biting well on the east end of Lake Sakakawea. It could be the lower price of gas, or it could be the how the tournament is run.
Tod Graeber, one of the newest members to the tournament committee, said there are a lot of new teams fishing in the tournament this year. He said he was told by fellow committee member Joyce Pfliger there were nine applications on the waiting list so far. Some are teams who have placed at previous tournaments.
Last year, anglers and spectators were greeted with a new electronic scale that weighed the fish faster. This year, the committee purchased software that interfaces with the scale.

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