August 20, 2009

Harris new golf club manager

Harris new golf club manager
Mark Harris has been named manager of the Garrison Golf Club. Harris will take over the helm the end of August. Harris isn’t wasting any time getting settled in. He said he has been at the clubhouse already, acclimating himself to the operation of the business. The position will be year-around.
The full-time position was precipitated by the club’s purchase of a golf simulator. Club officials said the hope is the addition of the simulator will encourage golfers in the area to keep their skills honed, utilizing the new piece of equipment in the fall, winter and spring. Construction of the addition to the clubhouse continues as club officials target the first to middle of October to have the simulator fully operational.
“It just depends on how smooth everything goes,” he said.
Harris, who has been a long-time employee of Garrison Super Valu, said the goal is to have fall and winter golf leagues.
“We encourage everyone to keep their clubs out during the winter … we hope to keep things going strong during the winter months,” he said.
With being open year-around, Harris said the clubhouse would be an ideal spot for groups looking for a place to host receptions, meetings or banquets.
“Any group wanting to have a facility to meet, give me a call,” Harris said. “We want to try to keep things as busy as we can.”
“The simulator should be a lot of fun for everybody,” Harris went on to say. “And anyone interested is welcome to come out and join a league.”

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