December 27, 2017

Hoping for a happy ending

Student reporter
Injuries can stop us all from being able to perform our best, or perform at all. Clay Bendickson,15 and a sophomore at Garrison High School, saw this fate come true for him, earlier this year.
Bendickson was playing in a junior varsity football game when an injury came bolting into his sports career. While playing, he tore his anterior cruciate ligament, or better known as the ACL.
The ACL is a ligament found in the knee, and is a very common injury when playing football. It is also an injury that can tap you out from sports for quite some time.
Bendickson was injured Aug. 29, putting him on the injured list for close to 16 weeks, and counting.
“Anyone who has been on crutches for a period of time knows that it is not enjoyable,” Bendickson said on the crutches part of recovery.
Bendickson also added, “It’s a slow recovery process, but it is for the best.”
Bendickson not only participates in football, but also basketball and baseball. So far, he has missed the rest of his football season and plans to be out for the rest of basketball as well.
“It killed me sitting out for the rest of football season,” he said. “It has also been hard watching the basketball boys have success in the early part of season and not being able to be a part of it.”
Bendickson is currently sitting on the sidelines for the Garrison Troopers Basketball team as the student manager.

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