July 25, 2018

Huston, Steele reel in a victory

Garrison locals
win Gov’s Cup
Casey Steele and Jarred Huston of Garrison made the city proud as local winners of the North Dakota Governor’s Walleye Cup this weekend.
On day one, the pair reeled in 19.28 pounds, claiming 9th place. After a wind change in their favor, the two took the competition by storm on day two, weighing in another 21.73 pounds.
Their final standing was 1st place with 41.01 pounds. Mathias and Robert Bauer trailed behind in 2nd with 40.05 pounds.
Steele said hearing the final result was nothing less than intense.
“I know a few people wanted me to talk after we won, but I couldn’t say anything. I was just too nervous,” he said. “My stomach was turning. I was so excited.”
Steele said he was optimistic with the first day’s weight. He said he was even more so when the wind changed on Saturday, in his favor.
“We got to where we needed to be and everything fell into place,” he said. “We caught everything in the morning. We had a little bit of a bumper to hope for a bigger fish. We didn’t get it, but we didn’t need it.”
Steele said at the end a husband and wife team brought in 26 pounds of fish. Luckily, their first day wasn’t so successful, he said.

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