April 12, 2017

It’s a wrap for young wrestlers

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We have finished up our season and are looking back on what has been a very successful season. We’ve seen many wrestlers do great things this year and it showed on the mats.
Looking back at the past year we had more first place finishes than the coaches can ever remember. At the end of the season the coaches met and decided on four wrestlers that we wanted to recognize with special awards.
The match of the year had many candidates but in the end we all agreed on a deserving winner. It took place at the Hazen Bison Kids Wrestling Tournament. Ava Kadrmas was in a very though match, she was wrestling an experienced wrestler who kept taking her down.
Ava was able to get up and stay of off her back but the Killdeer wrestler had built a large points lead. With about 30 seconds left in the match the coaches were telling Ava that she needed to do something now if she wanted to win.
She took that advice, tied up, and executed a perfect throw. With one second left in the match Ava completed her comeback scoring a pin over the Killdeer wrestler and went on to take first place in the tournament.

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