December 27, 2018

Lady Miners fend off Troopers

BHG News
Wilton-Wing and Garrison girls found themselves neck and neck during the Dec. 20 game in Wilton, with teams tying up the scoreboard repeatedly throughout the evening.
Things were close from the start of the game, with each team slowly inching up the scoreboard, only a point or two ahead of the other. The Miners would gain a slight advantage in the quarter, heading into the second up 9-8.
That lead would turn around in the second, when the Troopers pulled out a total of 14 points, three more than the Miners would gnab in the quarter. With that, Garrison would head into half time up 22-20.
Wilton-Wing would look to re-capture the lead, and keep it, in the third. The home team would push offense while limiting Trooper shots, resulting in a Miner advantage at the end of the quarter. Heading into the final quarter, Wilton-Wing would be ahead 34-22.

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