May 9, 2013

Miners sweep Trooper five

Miners sweep Trooper five
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The Trooper 5th and 6th grade basketball teams started a busy week of games with their longest road trip of the season, traveling to Wing for a match-up with the Miners. The 5th graders had handled the Miners in two earlier meetings while the 6th grade team was hoping to come away with a win in a rematch of the season opener, a 3-point Miner win.
There seemed to be some bad karma permeating the gym while the 5th grade team was going through the pre-game warmup. It looked like they were preparing for a birthday party or something, anything but a basketball game. And sure enough the game was a struggle, even though they held the Miners scoreless in the first quarter, the Troopers never generated much momentum and eventually gave the game away in the end.
Despite the ragged play, the Troopers held a slim 2-point lead with under a minute remaining and it looked there was a chance they would pick up what could be described as an ugly win. But with less than 40 seconds left, a Miners field goal tied the game and there was a foul on the play. The free throw was missed but the Troopers didn't box out and the Miners scored again on the put-back to take the lead. The Troopers never got a shot off and the game ended with a 17-15 Miner win.
Ty Schlehr and Sam Scheresky led the Trooper scoring, each with four points.
Garrison 4 6 13 15
Wilton/Wing 0 9 11 17
Scoring: T. Schlehr 4; Clay Bendickson 2; Dawson Wimer 3; S. Scheresky 4; Aaron Johnson 2 FGs: 6 FTs: 3-8
The 6th grade team scored first in this one but that was their only lead of the game. Turnovers continued to plague the Troopers and the Miners took advantage, taking the lead and eventually blowing the game open. The Troopers were no match for the Miners' team speed and were regularly beaten down the court for easy scores.
Casyn Kolden led the Trooper scoring with 10.
Garrison 5 10 12 16
Wilton/Wing 8 20 26 36
Scoring: Jonah Larson 2; Bailey Bauer 4; C. Kolden 10 FGs: 8 FTs: 2-10

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