May 30, 2018

Outstanding athletes, sub-par officials

State track disappointment for the Troopers
Five athletes qualified for State Track in Bismarck this weekend and were excited, ready for the run. However, they came home devastated.
Although they all performed well, a group of athletes was penalized because of one official.
According to Justin Folk, he had to do some finagling because Ilise Jennings qualified in five events.
Folk said he was told Jennings was only able to participate in four events. He sought out advice from the head official. Folk said he was told to show up early on Friday and scratch her from the long jump, which was fine with the group, he said.
Jennings qualified for finals in all four of her events. However, Saturday brought disappointing news.
“I got called down to the finish line to talk to an official. It is the same one from Thursday who instructed us what to do,” Folk said. “He says he misunderstood what events she was in when we talked on Thursday and she can’t be in two relays because they count different than other events and is therefore is disqualified from the track meet including any relay teams that ran with her.”

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