April 1, 2020

See saw of co-op decisions


The last item on the agenda of the Garrison School Board meeting was the possible of revisiting the co-op discussion. Board member Duane Hummel said he’s been getting some questions from people in the community about the possibility of reopening talks, and wasn’t sure how to respond. 
“I run into board members from other towns, one from Max and one from Underwood, and they’d like to sit down and see  if we can come up with some options for a co-op, and get it going again. I’m not on the co-op committee so I don’t know how much I should be talking to these people. Just looking for some direction on what I should tell them,” Hummel asked.
Klemisch said, “I’ve heard very little from Max since January.”
Board member Lisa Maki said, “We need to extend an olive branch and say the past is the past, and move forward for our students. If that means that our committee needs to meet, then get that meeting, you body knows whats going to happen … we will deal with the deadlines as they come up.” 
Klemisch has talked to superintendents from Underwood, Turtle Lake, McClusky about a possibly (2021) spring co-op. Max was not at the meeting, but they would be included also if they wanted, he said. 
 Towards the end of the conversation Klemisch said he would get the sports committee back together to approach all four school boards and possibly open up talks.

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