November 1, 2017

The bar has been set

Behles eclipses 1,000 assist mark
Student reporter
Ally Behles, a senior volleyball player, has set not only a career record for herself, but has set a career record in the history of Trooper volleyball. She achieved more than 1,000 assists in her career and that number continues to climb.
“I was completely surprised,” said Behles on achieving this goal.
Her team and family kept it a secret from her, because they did not want to add any pressure on her knowing how close she was.
A lot of her family members were there, but Behles said she thought nothing of it and assumed they were all there because it was senior and parents night.
Behles was awarded a golden volleyball that said; “Ally 1,000 career assists 10-26-17,” and a poster made by Cyndie Behles, Ally’s mom.

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