August 30, 2012

Titan baseball wraps up season

Titan baseball wraps up season
Submitted by Gary Erickson
Summer rec. coach

The Titan Pee Wee and Little League teams got together one more time but it wasn’t on the baseball field. And what was served up wasn’t high fastballs and line drive base hits. This time we got together at the city park and did something else these teams liked to do. Eat! It was also a time for everyone to remember and reflect on the season and hand out a few awards.
The Pee Wee team finished with nine wins and three losses, pretty good for a team with one third of its roster made up of players still T-ball age. All three losses were to teams we had also won a game against.
There were highlights like players getting their first Pee Wee League hits and a walk-off win produced by a few of the rookies. The team learned a few hard lessons, too. They learned they have to improve, especially on defense, if they expect to have success.

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