July 19, 2012

Titan Pee Wees topple Max

Titan Pee Wees topple Max
By Gary Erickson
Summer rec. coach

Given a choice, most teams would prefer to get an early lead in a game.  The Titan Pee Wee team has been able to do that in most of their games this year and they did it again in Max on the way to a 12-0 win July 10th, improving to 6-1 on the year.
The Titans started hot, matching the weather, in the first inning with base hits by Devon Crawford and Clay Bendickson. Dawson Wimer followed with a home run giving the Titans a three-run lead. They blew the game open in the second scoring six times and then tacked on runs in the third and fourth innings to top off the scoring. Nearly the entire 21 player roster got in the act with hits scattered throughout the lineup.
Titans no-hit Washburn
The superstition about no-hitters in baseball is never talk about it while the game is being played. Well, because there had been several base runners during the game, no one probably knew there even was a no-hitter in the works. It wasn’t until after the game when a closer look at the score book revealed Nash Wimer had thrown a no-hitter.
But Wimer didn’t just breeze through the game. The final score was 11-1, but that doesn’t really describe just how close the game really was between two evenly matched teams. Both pitchers were locked in a close game through four innings and Washburn had made some very good defensive plays, giving the game the feel of one that could go either way.

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