May 23, 2013

Troop sends four to state

Troop sends four to state

The Garrison-Max track team will be sending four of its members to the state track meet this weekend in Bismarck.
The four include Levi Hummel (long jump); Ruby White (shot put); Kassi Knutson (discus) and Libbi Hasenwinkel (400m dash).
The team’s performance at regions this past weekend put smiles on the faces of the coaching staff.
“Coming into regions, we were confident that we could get some people to state,” said Coach Jason Ermer. “Ruby came in ranked 2nd as did Kassi. Levi was ranked 2 or 3 in the long jump, and we felt these three could get to state on their own as long as they performed well.”
The biggest excitement came with Libbi who picked the perfect time to shine.
“We felt she could do well in the 400, although she was ranked below 3rd (the top three region placers in each event qualify for state),” Ermer said.
This past Saturday, the coaching staff agreed to pull Libbi from the 4x100 relay, inserting Skylar Bright in her place. The move gave Libbi a chance to finish her long jump and recover in time for the 400.
Ermer reflected on the last 50 meters of the race. “It was tough, but she was able to hold off two other girls, taking second. It was really quite exciting to watch,” he said.
The Trooper girls 4x400 relay also had a fantastic day. While they were unable to qualify for state, they took nine seconds off their best time.

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