September 11, 2008

Trooper netters seek resiliency

Trooper netters seek resiliency
Shaking it off. Becoming resilient. What’s past is past.
Those are the keys to success in any sport. The same is an area the Garrison-Max Troopers volleyball team needs to improve upon, according to Coach Jim Snustad.
The Troopers simply shouldn’t dwell on water under the bridge.
“We need to improve on being able to pick ourselves up after a disappointing game loss or loss of point, getting back on track,” Snustad said.
The ladies did a pretty good job of that this past Thursday. After winning the first game 25-19 the Glenburn Panthers rebounded to win the second game 25-14. The Troopers took the next two games to win the match 3-1.
“But in the Center Tournament we struggled getting back on track. Our serving has been better, but we still need to improve on our serving so that we don't kill our own rallies with a service error,” Snustad said.
This past Friday, the ladies lost a pair of games to Kindred. Snustad said he was impressed with the play of the Kindred netters.
“We played with them pretty well the first game but then we had our second game blues and they kind of took it to us,” Snustad said.
Saturday, the Troopers lost to Underwood and Grant County, being placed into the Bronze tournament bracket. There, the Troopers didn’t fare much better, losing 2-1 to Sheridan County.

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