October 30, 2013

Trooper runners finish strong


Four members of the Garrison Cross Country team traveled to Valley City this past weekend to compete in the state meet. All came home knowing they had strong finishes. For three, the success is impetus for next year. For one, Shelby Everett, it was his final race at the high school level. Shelby just missed eclipsing the 20-minute mark, crossing the line at 20:09.

Underclassmen competing for the Troopers were Isaac Perman, Jess Dimitch and Megan Johnson.

Coach Jason Ermer was pleased with the team’s performance, analyzing each.

"Shelby ran well," Ermer said. "His first mile was less that 6 minutes and he finished very strong down the chute. He felt pretty good throughout the race except for the last 400m or so."

According to Ermer, Isaac, an eight-grader, had some foot pain that slowed him in the middle of the race but he stuck it out and finished within his regular time range. The coach said he is very pleased at the progress Isaac has shown this season, making the jump to varsity at regionals and state. "It was a great experience for him for next season," Ermer said."
Megan, a sophomore, also ran a very good race. While she didn’t hit her ultimate goal this year, she got close. She also improved steadily throughout the year.

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