September 7, 2016

Trooper runners improve

Three Trooper runners headed to Carrington last Tuesday. The course was relatively flat, but the heat took its toll, Coach Jason Ermer said.
Hunter Baer finished with a 21:30 - which is a little slower for him.
“He started off very strong, but the heat began to wear on all the runners and Hunter’s mile two was off our goal pace. After that, Hunter rebounded well for the third mile+ to the finish line.” 5K is about 3.1 miles.
“As we work further into the season, the kids will be focusing on getting more consistent with each mile they run,” Ermer continued.  “We are really looking to see Hunter set a personal best within the next two weeks.”
Madison Meyers and Mackenzie Fuller ran their normal 3k which is about 1.9 miles. Madison came across at 16:00 and Mackenzie at 17:41.

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