October 2, 2008

Troopers have great day

Troopers have great day

"It was a great day for a run!" That was Jonathan Price’s remark after completing the cross-country meet at Hoffer Lake north of McClusky this past Saturday. The 62-degree day with a slight breeze proved to be a great day for a run for all of the Trooper competitors. The meet was a small meet with only Class B schools competing and proved to be a nice fun run for the Troopers.

The events began with the elementary 1600-meter run. There were only three competitors in this event. Robyn Essler was the only girl and finished the course in 7:00. Eddie WhiteBear finished the course in 7:38.

Jaimee WhiteBear was the only Trooper Varsity girl competitor in the 4000-meter run. She finished the course in a time of 18:32 for second place out nine runners. The team of one finished third out of three teams.

"The rocks hurt my feet," was Jaimee’s comment after completing the gravel road course in her spikes. This bit of advice was passed on to the varsity boy competitors.

The varsity boys 5000 meters concluded the meet. Sophomore Jonathan Price conquered the course in a time of 18:31 for a first place finish out of 22 runners. Chris Dimler finished 11th with a time of 22:40. The team of two finished fourth out of seven teams.

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