September 13, 2012

Troopers rockin’ in the Bakken

Troopers rockin’ in the Bakken
JH team eclipses Firestorm

After a couple impressive wins to start the season, a 20-0 win at Southern McLean and 32-12 home win against DLB, the junior high football team traveled to the heart of the Bakken to take on the Williams County Firestorm in Ray. The Troopers were hoping for a little payback for the loss the Firestorm pinned on the Trooper varsity team last Friday.
The Troopers received the opening kickoff, starting at their own 16. After several running plays, they faced a big 4th down and eight and were able to get the first down and keep the drive alive, finishing it with a 32 yard touchdown pass from QB Noah Sloka to WR Logan Smith. The extra point failed but the Troopers had jumped out to a quick 6-0 lead.

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