January 27, 2011

Troopers tame Warriors

Troopers tame Warriors

After a short break to allow the junior varsity teams to hold their annual tournament this past weekend, the Garrison Troopers varsity swings back into action to close out the regular season. Tuesday, the Troopers boys and girls teams traveled to Washburn to take on the Cardinals.
Jan. 18, the Troopers won their second game in a row, defeating Mandaree 71-63. The contest was a make-up game that was postponed from the McLean County Tournament Dec. 3.
The Troopers opened strong, scoring 20 points. The second quarter, the team only scored four.
Coach Jason Mattheis said the team’s main problem was that the points came too easy in the first quarter.
“We scored quickly and easily to start the game, so we thought it would be the same the entire way,” he said.  “We forced some shots and took some bad shots that allowed Mandaree to take the lead and resulted in only four points for us.”
Mattheis said the half-time talk focused on taking better shots and getting post touches.
“We knew we had a big advantage with Kyle (Schlehr) and Craig (Kolden), so we wanted to get them touches,” Mattheis said. “Kyle came out and got great posts which led to easy points.”
He ended with 19 points, all in the second half.

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