October 15, 2014

Young runners conclude season


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On Oct. 2, 11 runners took part in the second of three races at Fort Stevenson State Park on a blustery, cold evening. Five runners in 1st-3rd grade ran the 0.75-mile Trooper Challenge Trail. Daisy Holt finished in 0:07:09; Avery Klein in 0:07:31; Kadin Kolden in 0:07:44; Cara Schlehr in 0:08:05; and Emily Schlehr in 0:08:22.

Six runners in 4th-6th grade ran the one-mile Whitetail Trail. Karli Klein finished in 0:08:13; Gavin Jonckowski in 0:08:53; Mia Gehring in 0:09:21; Coy Sayler in 0:09:49; Kirsten Galloway in 0:11:53; and Chase Baer in 0:11:54.

Oct. 6, the final Monday night races at Roosevelt Park in Minot were held. Eight runners from Bob Callies Elementary School participated.

Runner Emily Schlehr completed her run in 0:06:26. Avery Klein completed his run in 0:04:46. Both runners ran 1,000 meters.

Five runners completed the 1,200-meter run. Karli Klein finished in 0:06:20; Gehring finished in 0:07:14; and Galloway finished in 0:09:09; Sayler finished in 0:07:10 and Jonckowski finished in 0:07:16.

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