October 7, 2010

Young runners continue to make monumental strides

Young runners continue to make monumental strides

Monday night was a beautiful evening for runners at Oak Park in Minot. Twenty-six runners from Bob Callies Elementary School made the trip to Minot. Several runners made significant improvements in their times. Paige Lagge, Sydney Porter, Alyssa Huston, Hunter Baer and Chase Baer all improved their times by 30 seconds or more. All the runners are proving to be great sports and having a good time.
Five runners completed the preschool/kindergarten 1,000-meter run this week. Runners and their times were: Karly Klein 0:05:30; Kaitlyn Zook 0:06:20; Jamison Rime 0:07:16; Avery Klein 0:08:17 and Kadin Kolden 0:10:18.
Six runners completed the girls’ 1st-3rd grade 1,200-meter run. Runners and times were: Katherine White 0:05:26; Sarah Lagge 0:06:04; Kaitlyn Klein 0:06:05; Emily Jeffery 0:07:05; Paige Lagge 0:07:10; and Sydney Porter 0:10:33. White, Klein, and both Lagge’s are in 3rd grade, Jeffery and Porter are in 2nd grade.

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