June 14, 2018

4-H pet parade delights young and old

By Edna Sailor
Everyone wins when children bring their 4-H show animals to share with residents of Lakeside Living Center residents. With goats, sheep, chickens and even a dog, both groups spent the afternoon visiting and sharing the animal experiences.
Residents enjoyed not only the talking to children but petting the animals as well.
There was a lot of discussion from the elder group. Most visitors lived on farms before. They enjoyed their root beer floats and talked about the cows, chickens, goats and cattle that they grew up raising on their farms.
“We didn’t have goats, but we had a couple hundred sheep,” John Carter told the group.
Ruby Chernenko and Meredith Herseth noted that their families “raised sheep, cattle and guinea hens.
Coreen Littlefield and Verna Walsh agreed and said they raised the same kind of animals on their farm.

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