June 21, 2018

Area gardens take a pounding

By Edna Sailor
Students and staff at the Parshall school learned quickly about the hail and winds that damaged their newly planted gardens. Mary Quillin, project leader for the summer, says that staff, community members and those students who know about it feel “discouraged but not defeated.”
Students and staff planted four garden boxes at the high school. The two on the north end had recently planted tomatoes, peppers and eggplants which began as seeds planted by the Ag students this past spring. The group was waiting until the weather warmed before planting. Many of those plants were damaged by the hail, high winds and hard rains. Hail was reported as half inch size.
“Fortunately it happened near the beginning of the summer. We still have a long growing season ahead of us. We will plant new plants. We will need to purchase them from a local nursery and start over,” Quillin said.
The group remains positive and forward looking despite the weather related damage.

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