July 12, 2012

ARFA outlines development plans

ARFA outlines development plans
ARFA Holdings released more information about the company's new development – The Highlands of Parshall – a 300 acre residential and commercial master planned community development. Barry Arfa presented the plan to the Parshall City Council last week.
Arfa said the development is responding to the growth by creating a new uniquely planned residential and mixed-use community by a nationally renowned development architect in an existing town that has found itself in the middle of this changing arena.
The development will be adding enough living spaces for over 2,000 people to live and stay in Parshall which will also provide housing for construction workers for the new refinery. The city finds itself less than 10 miles down the road from the new refinery that has broken ground which is also the first in the United States in more than 35 years. According to Arfa, the population in the area is expected to expand by at least 12% per year for some time.
The Highland’s of Parshall includes the following additions to the community:
*Over 520 residential housing units

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