May 7, 2010

Assault prompts safety measures

Assault prompts safety measures
School board proactive in wake of incident

A fight last Monday has prompted Parshall Public School officials to take necessary precautions to protect the safety of the students and staff.
Hall monitors have been hired and immediately put in place to watch the front entrances of the school and surveillance cameras have been put into place at every entrance in case they are ever needed.
Other safety measures including more secure locks and a buzzer system will be implemented as soon as possible, according to Supt. Steve Cascaden.
He said two minors, former students, entered the high school and fought with a current student. He said the fight was very quickly one-sided and a teacher jumped into the fracas subduing one of the assailants.
“It’s a pretty rare occasion, but it made everybody think,” Cascaden said. “The point of the meeting wasn’t the incident itself, but the need to control the environment.”
He said there is no evidence to suggest that this was part of any gang activity. He called it an isolated incident.
According to Cascaden, there are new people in the region, which translates to more traffic, which translates to safety concerns for students.
The board wanted to be proactive to protect the students and staff and the immediate concern for the student who was beaten and lost some blood.
Cascaden said he was taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance and was home and recovering when this interview was conducted on April 29.

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