January 10, 2019

Audit encourages school district changes

By Jerry W. Kram
There will be some changes coming in the way the Parshall School district keeps track of money in the coming years.
As a result of the district’s most recent annual audit, Interim School Superintendent Shane Sagert asked the board to approve some changes in the way school handles its finances.
One thing that will impact students directly is a change in the way student activity funds are handled. Sagert said that while there is money in the fund that comes from student fundraising, admissions to sporting events and donations, it turns out that some individual activity groups are in the red.
“We have some negative balances for some groups that went on field trips and we have to get those fund balances back to zero so they can fundraise if they want to go on another trip,” Sagert said. “So we want to make sure all the groups are back to zero so the groups like the senior class will have the $13,000 they raised over the last few years when they need it.”
Sagert said two groups were responsible for most of the $8,000 deficit, FBLA and the yearbook.

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