December 8, 2016

Back to Back storms tax city clean up crews

By Edna Sailor
“The weather outside is frightful.”The opening lyrics to the classic Dean Martin Christmas Carol couldn’t ring more true for Al Christianson, Public Works Director in Parshall these days.
The first snow storm of the season is history now, but not before it dumped from one to two feet of the heavy, wet snow in Parshall and throughout the area. Al isn’t sure exactly how much Parshall received, but more than the amount, the problem was how wet and heavy the snow was in that storm.
“If you tried to shovel it, you could barely lift the shovel,” he said.
For that reason city employees took extra time to assist homeowners by removing snow from property after the plows cleared the roadways but banked it into driveways.
“It was not an easy clean up. The snow packed very heavy onto roadways and made removal much more difficult. But we got it cleaned up in time for this storm,” Christianson said.
To tackle the job, the crew operates with three people. Christianson and two employees get the equipment to the streets and tend to the maintenance and repair when needed.

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